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Punched aluminum veneer 冲孔铝单板

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Punched aluminum veneer 冲孔铝单板

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Fashion and personality coexist, rich in artistic features. The punching with different colors and shapes will create a unique atmosphere and enhance the sense of architecture and the sense of modernity. The punching plate generally uses high quality 1100,3003, 5005 single layer aluminum alloy plate is the base material. The surface coating is divided into fluorocarbon spray, powder spraying, polyester paint spraying.

The quality of the coating on the surface of the aluminum plate is strictly according to the requirements of the customer. The color can be provided by the company to provide the standard color card for the customer to choose.

The thickness of the punched aluminum sheet is 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm and other specifications. The larger size of the aluminum sheet can reach 1500x4000mm.








As the diversity of the architectural appearance style, hyperbolic panel aluminum panel already more and more get the favour of the owner and curtain wall designer.

Because of its processing is difficult, can produce hyperbolic panel manufacturers and very few, many engineering can only give up their original design, leading to the overall effect of the curtain wall is difficult to accurately express the designer of the design concept.

This enterprise the bold exploration, the independent innovation, technology and efficiency of tensile 3 d modeling principle, solve the difficulties of the aluminum panel industry technology-aluminum panel of the hypoid production, design process, as the one of the few real can batch production of the hypoid aluminum panel and complex alien is one of the enterprises in the board for designers to provide wider space imagination and design.

Page than common through the segmentation effect of welding produce good flatness, installation hyperbolic board effect of so-called "with straight than generation such as song" false hyperbolic curve pliable, and display of the hypoid aluminum panel in metal on the curtain wall is instead of unique charm.

Application places: big business office building, municipal office projects, convention and exhibition center, large venues, museums, senior club, hospital complex building, hotel lobby, railway stations, subway, convention and exhibition center, airport, etc.


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